Corina as a Mother and Friend          

Corina Carroll was someone who immediately put children and adults alike at their ease.  Though she was a whirlwind of activity, she was petite and gentle, careful with people's feelings, and had a sweet, friendly smile and a ready laugh.  Her manner was warm and caring, and she literally never ran out of things she wanted to do for other people.

She volunteered at all her children's schools -- sewing costumes for theater productions, co-organizing class parties and school carnivals, serving as homeroom mother, contributing to bake sales, teaching science classes for young children, and starting a highly successful Chess Club at her son's school.  She was a generous hostess and outstanding chef, and taught herself how to make Thai food because her family loved it.

One of her great loves was baking, at which she was amazingly talented and prolific -- and had incredible speed and efficiency!  One Christmas, she was so appreciative of her office staff that she decided to give them all a coupon for a cake she would bake for them personally.  One of the options on each coupon was a cheesecake or a chocolate cheesecake, and this was so popular that she made and delivered, in the three weeks after Christmas -- yes, really -- 55 plain and chocolate cheesecakes.

Dr. Carroll was a tremendously giving and caring person, and was greatly loved by her patients, their parents, her many friends and neighbors.  To see how many of them felt about her, visit this link:

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